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-really cool or awesome
-a word for better than awesome
that movie was awesomeness. that picture is awesomeness
by nancy baby August 16, 2008
24 23
Something is just too awesome for the word awesome. So when people see something really awesome, they say: Awesomness!!
Eg. Somebody gets up and falls over awesomely, and the person next to them will say: Awesomeness!!
by Shaxza October 19, 2012
1 1
a feeling you get when there is nothing else to describe better than a drug
You just saw the girl of your dreams looking back at you. Awesomeness
by TheCripple92 October 26, 2011
1 1
Awesomness is something or someone that is something likable.
Michelle is an example of awesomeness.
by Bertha Hamilton June 23, 2009
2 2
The quality of being aswesome
John's awesomeness was evident during his presentation.
by CK17 February 13, 2009
2 2
the act of being awesome and fly
wow jackie is 100% awesomeness.
by kkkkjjjjj August 06, 2008
9 9
the quality of being awesome
"Girl, you don't understand, he was SO fine, and he is SO mine!"
by ashley February 29, 2004
62 62