A man's undergarment that acts as a modern day cod piece, enhancing the size of the genitalia. Typically thong or g-string style in bright or neon colors. This phrase is only used from the man's perspective, as no woman actually finds these undergarments attractive.
"Tonight, I'm wearing my awesome-pants."

by drock1963 January 23, 2009
Top Definition
Typically used to decribe someone who is summed up by the word "awesome." The converse of this is to call someone a "silly-pants."
"I am so awesome-pants right now"
"You are such a silly-pants mister!"
by Jason- August 02, 2005
As awesome as not wearing pants.
"Wow, the new $random_gadget is totally awesomepants!"
by hypa7ia October 22, 2009
Pants that are awesome.
Gee those pants are awesome-pants.
by Etan August 29, 2003
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