The best sport ever invented. A modified and therefore, more awesome version of whiffle ball. It is played in a backyard setting. Rules can be constructed around the various irregularities of a backyard/home field. No running is involved as runs are scored based on how far the batter hits the ball. The batter and pitcher must hold a beer at all times while this is optional for fielders and catchers. Four people is all that is necessary to play but the number can be increased based on the side of the yard. Beer should be funnelled between 4 inning games. 6 Balls equals a walk. There are 2 outs per inning per team. Two strikes or three fouls is a strike out. The home plate is a chair, if the pitcher hits the chair with the ball, it is an automatic strike, and the chair consists of the strike zone. If there are dogs or cats on the field, hitting them is an automatic out, and if the animal reaches the ball in three seconds that is an out as well. Rediculous 1970s uniforms in clashing colors should be worn. Great team names are "Sweep the leg," "Duncsnatch," and "Drago." Bragging is encouraged and referred to as self-calling.
Awesome ball is the most awesome sport ever.
by Yankbt November 06, 2007
Top Definition
A term that combines "awesome possum" and "sucks balls" becoming "awesome balls". It effectively communicates the awesomeness or excitement of whatever it is you are communicating about.
After four am in the morning Keith announced he had finished his paper. Nancy was so elated she screamed "awesome balls"!

Person A: So whats the POA (plan of action)?

Person B: Insert POA here.

Person A: Awesome balls, lets get going!
by LaChicaCelestial May 29, 2009
The best competitive sport ever invented. Created by Emory Law students, it's a wiffleball hybrid that subtracts running and adds beer.
Should we spend the afternoon studying? Hell no, grab the funnel, it's awesome ball time.
by Dr. Wrinkly Face October 23, 2007
Something usually soaked in awesomesauce
awesomeballs soaked in awesomesauce
by HELSDSI October 13, 2010

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