awe·som·az·ing (aw-suhm-ey-zing)

1. inspiring awe causing great surprise or sudden wonder: an awesomazing sight.
2. showing or characterized by both awe and amazement.
3. Slang. extremely impressive.
That chainsaw carving is totally awesomazing!
by Foggl October 06, 2012
Top Definition
A combination of the words awesome and amazing. Used to describe something so cool that you need to use 2 words for it.
:Omg, that shirt is soo awesomazing!

:That song was awesomazing! I'm totally going to buy the cd.
by torle June 14, 2008
When something is so spectacular that you can't call it either awesome nor amazing, so you combine the words to say awesomazing.
Person 1: Did you see the season premiere of Lost last night?
Person 2: Hell to the yeah! When Sayid was resurrected, it was awesomazing.
by Superior Simi February 03, 2010
When something is better than awesome and better than amazing, it's awesomazing!
That movie was friggin' awesomazing!!
by 40deuce April 21, 2010

An adjective describing the perpetual awe-inspiring nature of the intended subject. Commonly used as a phrase to express strong excitement or contentment. Can be used as a noun form, such as "AWESOMAZINGness."
Teacher: "Your most recent tests will have a 40 point curve due to every grade being a fail."

Student: "That's an AWESOMAZING turn of events!"

Michael: "Dude, I got first place in the track meet last night!"

by Dbrez March 10, 2010
the mix of the two words "awesome" and "amazing".
this word describes someone who is just to insanely awesome and amazing for life.
Guy 1: "Look at what she's doin! That is so cool!"
Guy 2: "I know! She is awesomazing!"
by marianastrench=<3 February 18, 2011
Definition- awesome and/or amazing, Fantastically incredible, Unbelievable, great!

Adjective for people who are tired of hearing the words awesome or amazing to describe everything under the sun. Usually relating to reality TV show contestants who generally have only a two word vocabulary
Pronounced (oss-may-zing) the O is silent.
My experience so far on American Idol has been awesomazing!
by FoxEm September 03, 2013
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