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Predecessor to coolness. The state something is in just prior to the final addition that will make it truelly cool.
It's just aweso without me.

That jump was aweso, but it could have used some more rotation.

My life was just aweso until I met Tristane.
#cool #awesome #alright #not bad #sufficient
by TheMitchy May 12, 2006
When telling a noteworthy story, without actually having been there. Thus taking the "me" out of "Awesome"
"Yeah Joe was totally drunk one night and he driving, and got pulled over, but all he got was a warning! How aweso is that?"
#awesome #noteworthy #third person #retelling #storytelling
by Projectmayhem271 December 13, 2008
what you are without me.
Without ME, you're just aweso.
#awesome #aweso #ego #greatness #me
by Chantastic April 07, 2011
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