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so far beyond awesome that the spelling had to be changed. Few people or things in this world can reach this high of a level.
Sally is so awesmoe that everytime I see her I have a spontaneous orgasm.
by Gerally D. Smarty August 06, 2007
42 4
It's like awesome, but with a bit more 'moe', or a combination of awesome and cute.
that guitar-playing bunny is so awesmoe! ^___^
by megakazi January 29, 2011
5 0
it means awesome in kempizzle and jessizzle words!
Hey Jessizzle ur tolaty awesmoe dlude!
by Kempizzle August 09, 2004
5 17
Definition of awesmoe means awesome only we're too lazy to spell it right and correct it.
Hey dlude that was tolaty awesmoe!
by Jessizzle and Kempizzle July 23, 2004
9 23