"I never claimed to be (punk)"
"The multimedia bio included with Let Go, released earlier this summer, describes Lavigne as 'a skater-punk, a dynamic spirit, a true wild child'"

"Yes, I was a cheerleader and did enjoy it, but people hold that against me... I'm as punk as they come. I'm not some Britney Spears wannabe"

"I would describe myself as Avril Lavigne to someone if they asked me to describe myself cause the thing i hate about this, being in my situation, is that you get labelled you know, i've been labelled as Avril Lavigne "Sk8er Chick!"

"Who are Nirvana? Are they a rock band?"

"Of course, I've been compared to Kurt Cobain, we are both rock legends."

"I definitely have a rock star life"

"I'm a hardcore skater punk"

"People are like "Well, she doesn't know The Sex Pistols". Why would I know that stuff? Look how young I am. That stuff's old, right?"

"I'm like a Syd Vicious for a new generation"

“I suck at sk8ing! I mean, I love it, I think it’s fun but I do it in my free time. I don’t want anyone hand me my sk8 and get me on tape ‘cause I’m no expert. I fall a lot, although everyone falls”

"I get tired on the road. I've got Radio Disney to keep me company"

"I am not a party person"

"I like to jump on tables and wreck things once in a while. When I drink I am the party"

"Everyone just like decided to label me punk because I was different and I had more of edge. OK, I'm not made up. I write my own songs"

"People like Shakira shouldn't have record contracts. She can't even speak English"

"Skater Boy' is one of the most hardest, rawest songs ever made."

"I don't wanna be no fake pop sh*t"

"My music is true rock."

"To write a song, i sit down with my guitar and write whatever is on my mind."

"I write all of my songs with co-writers."

"I play the guitar for most of my songs"

"I only play guitar for like 2 songs on the album"

"I don't like using the term "pop star" because that's not my personality. My personality is like a rock star. I'm hardcore

"I don't use sex to sell records"

"I won't let anyone turn me into a sex symbol"

"I look hot and if you don't like it suck it"

"I won't change anything because I think the most important thing is being yourself and that's what I'm going to continue to do."
by luizza October 07, 2007
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A singer that is so talented and clever, that she has the ability to rhyme "home" with "home."
Avril Lavigne: "She want's to go home, but nobody's home."

Great job Avril, great job.
by seth_cohen_fan January 10, 2006
A complete FAKE who thinks she rocks so hard, supported one-handedly by a legion of ignorant 10-year-old skanks who know nothing about music and also worship the "hard", "punk"-"band" Good Charlotte among with Britney and Christina and Justin Timberlake and Busted; Also religiously stick to the tips given in the articles about "how to rock HARD" from Mizz. Pretends that she is able to play the guitar and write songs, and dresses up really "punk RAAAAWK", which, by assumption relating to her is over-night punk by simply wearing a tie and wristband and demonstrating a severe lack in any grammatical or spelling skills by corrupting "skater boy" to "sk8r boi", which is just plain townie. Apparently likes the real stuff like Green Day, but this is really just to redeem herself in the eyes of the more intelligent people, but really worships Shania Twain.Desperately needs to die. And it's Avril LAVIGNE for gods sake. Not that you'll really care because she's the word "wrong" personified.

See shit,crap
Avril Lavigne:"Omigaaaawd I am so, like, punk RAAAAAAAAAAWK, yeah, I'm, like, getting more famouser everyday, yeah, all the REAL grunjaaaas and the goths and the punks, like, worship me *10-year-old-skank-"punk"-fans scream. Sorry? I just went deaf*, look at me play my guita-"
Person with a functioning brain:"Shut the f*ck up, b*tch!"
by Drakavie February 28, 2005
A Canadian Pop-punk singer. She was born on September 27, 1984 in Ontario, Canada. All over the web-nets (and in most people's opinions) she is most often called a "poser" or a "wannabe punk". People seem to cant get it though thier thick skulls that not ALL THREE of her albums were crappy.
Try her first album. In my opinon, she's not all that bad.
And the reason why most people think that she is a "wannabe"
is beacuse of the fact that majority heard only her third album, "The Best Damn Thing". And to tell you shit-for-brains the truth, the song "Girlfriend" ISNT EVEN THAT BAD. Just beacuse of the fact that she sang " HEY HEY YOU YOU I DONT LIKE YOUR GIRLFRIEND. NO WAY NO WAY I THINK YOU NEED A NEW ONE" does NOT mean that she all of a sudden a skank or slut. Im not defending her or anything, but the first FIFTY entries of Avril were either " A MINDLESS SKANK" or "A DISCRACE TO THE MUSIC BUSINESS". I berley even listen to pop punk that much, but I LOVE the song "Girlfriend".
Avril Lavigne is NOT a shit-for-brains. She's a regular singer.
There. Problem solved.
by RealLongName November 20, 2007
Ugly poser who claims to be into rock yet cannot pronounce and has never heard of David Bowie. Says she doesn't wear makeup yet thinks wearing about 10 pounds of eyeliner makes you punk, says she hates pop music yet sings it. Her only fans are people who are under the age of 9 and try to be in contrast to their britney-loving older siblings by blaring 'Complicated' out from their pink fluffy bedrooms.
All her songs are the same, it's the old 'I had a boyfriend but he dumped me because I'm ugly, boo hoo', roughly translated as 'A six year old could write better shit than me! Buy my CD to inflate my ego further!'
Gave both punk and Canada a bad name.
Is Avril good? No.
Is it fun to diss her? Yes, yes it is.
Avril: Like, omg, hi I'm avril, I'm like, a real live punk, look at my like, black bracelets.
Me: Fuck off.
Avril: Omg you biatch! You'd better be careful or, like, I may like, run and get my mummy.
No more avril. yay.
by not avril February 16, 2005
A very talented young singer that was born in Napanee, Canada. At 16, she moved to Manhattan and began work on her debut album. She released "Complicated" from her debut album titled: "Let Go" when she was 18, which went 6x platinum. She's shown she is independent, full of confidence and determination. "Complicated" went to number #1 on Billboards Top 100. Also earning her 5 Grammy nominations, MTV music awards, MTV European music awards and many more.

And by the way, she sings pop rock, not punk.
Avril Lavigne is a very talented girl: she writes her own songs, is a model, plays guitar, drumms and piano and she is now starting her acting career.
by carla146 December 20, 2006
The self-proclaimed Sid Vicious for a new generation, quite accurate considering they are both untalented musicians who concentrate more on image and try their best to look "rebelious" "badass" and "punk rock" and was marketed and chosen by the establishment to make money off of kids trying to be "rebelious" "badass" and "punk rock".
Avril Lavigne: "I'm the Sid Vicious for a new generation"
by semen_pants September 21, 2007
Canadian self proclaimed "punk rocker". Often wears ties, rubber bracelets and excessive eyeshadow to attempt to prove her extent of counter-pop musical style. However, she almost completely had proven herself antipunk with the following statements:

"I created punk for this day and age. Do you see Britney Spears walking around wearing ties and singing punk? Hell no. That's what I do. I'm like a Sid Vicious for a new generation." -Seventeen Magazine

When she actually learned who the Sid Vicious actually was (intensely hardcore bassist for the Sex Pistols, 1977-1979), she followed up with:

"People are like, 'Well, she doesn't know the Sex Pistols.' Why would I know that stuff? Look how young I am. That stuff's old, right?" -Entertainment Weekly

And hence, she has become one of the largest detractors to the modern punk movement.
Avril Lavigne is not punk.

If you want to hear some actual punk, see:

-The Buzzcocks
-Capitalist Casualties
-The Dead Boys
-Dead Kennedys
-Fleas and Lice
-The Pagans
-The Clash
-The Ramones
-and of course The Sex Pistols
by SxPistolskickass March 25, 2006

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