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I'm not a fan of hers, but I'm standing up for her. People say she's a poser because she dressed like a punk but didn't sing punk music. Eh, its your fault for judging her on what she wears. She never EVER said she was singing punk music. Secondly, songwriting skills. She's 21, and she writes her own music. Of course it won't be brilliant, it's not easy to write songs, espcially at 21. (Unless you are Bob Dylan So lay off her songwriting. People say she's a poser because she changed her dress. Uhm, how much did you change YOUR style from age 16 to 21? A lot, I'm damn sure.
Thirdly, I like how she...wears (gasp!) clothes! And she and that guy from Sum 41 are cute.
Avril Lavigne will improve, just give it time.
by avriliscooldontbashher July 14, 2006

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