To pay back, to deliver revenge or retribution
"In the name of this Samurai Dojo, I will avinj my father's death!"
by Alex Lanis March 28, 2003
Top Definition
rude kid
don't be an avinj
by Anonymous March 25, 2003
kid with better things to do with his time then to actually listen to anyone
don't avinj kid
by Anonymous April 02, 2003
to chew a pen and let it spill all over one's mouth
to leave in the middle of an instant messenger conversation
to stare off into space for periods of time well beyond time spent listening to a conversation
to oscillate back and forth more than 15 times in a row
av: this is a great conversation were having
ee: i know so what about that other thing we were talking about
ee: hello
and 2 hours pass
ee: don't avinj out of this av
by moemlt March 23, 2003
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