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1)Literal meaning in Sanskrit: Indestructible.
2)Is not used to express any extreme emotions.
3)If you use this word as an interjection, you seriously have a superficial vocabulary.
Avinash is a Hindu name. It is used to call a person named Avinash. It is never used an interjection.
by Avi Raju April 08, 2005
a horny farret that loves Purdue basketball
"Dude, are you goin to that party tonight"

"Naw, Ive got to take care of the avinash that in my moms house"
by Saagar February 12, 2008
A vaginal disease typically associated when one is lost near that particular part of the female body or anywhere else
He's so avinash, i mean lost!
by Rachin Shah February 12, 2007
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