someone who cusses too much, tries to act too cool, tries to act like a badass, or someone who is just flat annoying
That kid annoys the entire school with his shenanigans
Yeah. He is such an avey.
by Harry Boldeck September 16, 2008
Top Definition
someone who cusses a lot, is over confident, and tries to hard to be popular. Is usualy light skinned.
Avey: holy shit did u see that mother fucking swish bitch.
Other person: wow calm down there, your being an avey
by gangsterg123 September 14, 2008
one who tries to be too cool for himself, asks out girls who are way out of his league, thinks he is a pimp and or baller. Substitute for words such as dick, douche, asshole, ect.
That kid thinks he is the most popular kid in the school. He makes me mad.
For sure. He is such an avey.
by Harry Boldeck September 18, 2008
1.someone who thinks they are very tough, when they are not
2.someone who tries to be very cool when they aren't
3.someone who cusses almost every sentance in an effort to be cool
4.someone who thinks that they are very popular and good at sports, when everyone except them knows otherwise
that kid pisses me off. he thinks he will make the varsity basketball and lacrosse team, when he had never played either before.
For sure. and he cusses and asks out popular girls who dont even know his name.
He is so gay. He is just a flat out avey.
by Harry Whorse Peen Is Jr. September 22, 2008
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