The act of placing your own penis in your mouth for sexual pleasure.
Ron Jeremy is known for being able to perform auto-fellatio.
by the other theo June 27, 2004
The hermetic profession of sucking one's own penis.

Nobody in the history of man has reported being able to perform this almost mystical feat because the few percentage of the world population who actually can perform autofellatio never leave their houses. However diaries and memoirs have been found, post-mortem.
Guy 1: Hey I haven't seen John lately, have you?
Guy 2: Haven't you heard? He discovered he could perform autofellatio and dropped out of school to move to a trailer park.
by JohnnieWalkerBlue February 12, 2010
The 'art' of fellating oneself
My back is fucked because of autofellatio

I am a loser; so i guess I shall have to take matters into my own mouth

Damn girl, get out of the way; I will show you how its done

I love the cock... my own that is
by NotHot July 12, 2008
When a man gives him self oral sex or a blow job to pleasure himself.
*Alex Gaskarth would do Auto Fellatio if only he didn't have a '2" dick'

*Alex said this during a concert in!
by Delicious Nuggets April 12, 2009
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