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Autocircumcision is training your foreskin to stay behind the head of your penis. This give the penis the appearance of being circumcisedwhen nocircumcision was ever done. There are many methods to use and a great group at yahoo groups titled autocircumcision that has how to guides and others story of how the did this. Many people around the world use autocircumcision.
I was never cut, but my penis looks like it was circumcised because the foreskin no longer rolls over the head.
by Buster April 18, 2005
the act of retracting the foreskin of the penis and keeping it retracted all the time so it appears to others to be circumcised; auto circumcision is popular among circumcision fetishists, especially some gays, who believe the circumcised penis is the most attractive; a dude who is auto circumcised looks cut to the casual observer in the locker room but still has his foreskin.
Dude 1: hey, i didnt know you're circumcised.
Dude 2: i'm not, i'm just auto circumcised because i think it looks better.
Dude 3: well, it would have been easier if your parents had just circumcised you at birth.
Dude 2: yah, but they didnt, so i just do a little auto circumcision on myself.
by Jason Corrigan June 17, 2008
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