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An Auto_Freak is rumored to be an alleged ape-like creature said to inhabit remote forests, mainly in Chittagong Hill located southeast of Bangladesh. This creature is closely set to be related to Big Foot a creature who lives in the northwestern side of the United States. The creature is thought to be asexual as it can nurse it's own young though breast feeding. The best protection against a Auto_freak is to simply run away, as there are no known methods to defend from it.
Guy 1: Wow bro go lose some weight, you look like a Auto_Freak!!
Guy 2: Fuckkkkk Offfff
by Tauhid Husain June 16, 2008
auto_freak is the tradermarked slang name for a car freak, who has a broad knowledge of automotives. auto_freak is a famous username of one person (Meer Tauhid Husain) who runs a number of automotive websites and who helps his site members by answering questions and inquiries strictly related to automotives.
auto_freak told me that a continuously variable transmission (CVT) is a transmission in which the ratio of the rotational speeds of two shafts, as the input shaft and output shaft of a vehicle or other machine, can be varied continuously within a given range, providing an infinite number of possible ratios.
by Meer Tauhid Husain January 08, 2008
This term is referred to someone who is really over-weight, really ugly and lies a lot. These people are so fat that they have their own solar system. They are ugly enough to make a person blind by just staring at them. People usually make generous offerings of food to these people because they are scared that if they get on the auto_freak's bad side, he will sit on them. auto_freaks are also known to be bullshiters. It is said that every one out of two things an auto_freak say is a lie. It is advised by the Ministry of Health to always keep a 10 meter distance from these people, as their farts (usually a wet fart) are known to be poisonous. If you are near an auto_freak and smell fart, go to your nearest emergency clinic as soon as possible.
ladysman23: what a FREAK!
auto_freak: not just any AUTO_FREAK...
by Ambreen Chowdhury June 17, 2008
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