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Brown skinned asians who originated from south-east asia. Instead of looking like typical asians, they are likely to have less slanty eyes and tend to look more like Pacific Islanders. They also sound a bit different when they talk compared to other asian folks. Instead of hearing them talk in a "Ching chang chong" kind of way, their languages tend to sound more like "Kerang Tunak Pala Janak" whenever they speak it. They ancestrically live in huts or straw houses instead of wooden pagoda roofed ones like the ones in east asia. Religiously instead of being budhists, most of them are rather muslims and catholics. These type of asians are somewhat underrated compared to the other asian counterpart.
Filipinos and Thais are among the most commonly known austronesians in the west.
by craigevans September 18, 2016
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