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austerian, n.; pl. austerians. Pejorative. A person who advocates austerity, that is, cutting government expenditures, particularly social expenditures, in an effort to cut governmental deficits. (A comic formation based on the word "austerity" blended with the word "Austrian," since austerity policies are associated with the "Austrian School of Economics")

austerian, adj.: of or pertaining to policies advocated by austerians or to austerians themselves.
From AmericaBlog, by Gaius Publius, Feb. 2, 2013:

Noun: "Paul Krugman’s recent column looks at the romance between the “austerians” — the promoters of austerity for economically troubled nations — and the need to inflict pain to get economic gain."

Adjective: "Then he Krugman pivots to austerian attempts to find an example of occasions when austerity policies have been successful
#austerity #deficit-hawk #deficit #budget-cuts #austrian economics
by metrodorus February 11, 2013
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