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An Australian worker, who is set against by hard working conditions and a tough environment, who perserveres despite the odds being stacked them.
Ol Joe up on the farm is a true Aussie battler, what with this drought an all!
by Jas0n October 20, 2006
A Person or group of persons that work from 9 till 5,with five or more kids,one wife and one or more ex wifes,living off centrelink payments and driving to the bottle shop every half hour,live in narrewarren or anywhere close to a delfin estate,drives a kingswood or vb commodore/vk commodore,wears moccisons,has a mullet,cant afford the home loan and bought all the furniture from harvey norman when the 24 months interest free was they owe more on that out dated couch then its actually worth..
"Mate,im just an aussie battler tryin to feed my wife and kids and a bit on the side for a slab of vb"
by carltondraught September 14, 2008
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