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1. 'wow!' (something is amazing)
2. a skin on OGame
3.a colour that is similar to aqua.
1. davE:check out my new jeans
jack:aww! aurora!

2. liutenant:what skin u use on OGame, boss?
boss: Aurora, Lieutenant

3. LIZ:What u paintin ur room?
Rob: Aurora
LIZ: wtf is that mate?
Rob: its a bit like a shade of blue, like aqua!
LIZ: kk
by Joe August 13, 2005
19 81
A girl with a rainbow of different hair colours, from red to purple to blue to black. Most likely seen with an "Erin" or at least talking to one. Gorgeous and stunning, any guy would be lucky to have one, that is, if they are worthy. Aurora is typically the most beautiful girl in a crowd, thus easy to spot. Beware, all that harm the Aurora will have their houses burned down and their livestock stolen. By an Erin.
Jenny: What happened to your house, Sally??

Sally: I accidentally bumped into Aurora in the hallway today!

Jenny: Your house is burned down and all of your chickens are gone!


"Wow! Is she a goddess?! "

"No, even better, That's Aurora"
by EEK AP BECKETT May 08, 2010
91 38
A Canadian consulting firm, known for its diligent members, outstanding work ethics, and its many many money slides
Man, Aurora consulting should have won first at that competition
by Aurora Consulting July 04, 2010
53 32
Aurora is the second largest city in Illinois and is nicknamed the "City of Lights". Home to the West Aurora Blackhawks, Marmion Cadets, Rosary Royals, Central Chargers, IMSA Matheletes, East Aurora Tomcats, and the Waubonsie Warriors.

Predominately, white rich kids go to the private schools and live on the West side of Aurora. Some of the more sketchy neighborhoods are on the East side.

Things you will see everywhere: Lots of Louis Vuitton and other designer purses, designer shoes, designer sunglasses, uggs, north faces, Doc Martens and cell phones with lots of bling. People think Aurora is ghetto, but you have to be on the right side of town to fit it. Believe it or not, lots of stuck up brats live in A-town.

Naperville is our enemy!
Naperville Kid: Oh, you live in Aurora?
Aurora Kid: Yeah, why?
Naperville Kid: I better not piss you off!
by LeesesPieces August 27, 2006
99 84
AURORA is said to be a high performance stealth plane that is being covered up by "the government". Apparantly the aircraft is capable of flying between mach 5 and mach 6(over 3,000mph) and has a cruising altitude of 40km.This myth if you will has been in existance since the late 70's early 80's and in the years leading up to now the government is supposed to have put billions of dollars into"Selected Activities" which were not revealed and most definatley not accounted for. There have been many peices of evidence that point to this secret plane over the years for example "A high altitude aircraft that crosses the night sky at extremely high speed.... The vehicle typically is observed as a single, bright light -- sometimes pulsating -- flying at speeds far exceeding other aircraft in the area, and at altitudes estimated to be above 50,000 ft.... Normally, no engine noise or sonic boom is heard. "Some people dismiss genuine UFO sightings as this so called aurora.
"excuse me mr government dude, can you tell me about the existance of a certain hypersonic aircraft that is rumoured to be in oporation?"

"Aurora does not exist sir"
by *BURNER* July 09, 2006
46 35
A really hot girl with big boobs, who smokes weed and loves to party. Auroras like to talk to guys, and to wear really sexy clothes.
DANG she's an aurora!!!
by =-[;/[[;'[;'[;;['[;;[[p December 15, 2010
36 28
A sweet ride. The Oldsmobile Aurora was a luxury/muscle sedan that featured most of the inner workings of a Cadillac Seville that debuted in 1995. It featured a smaller version of the Cadillac's engine, a powerful 4.0 liter 250 hp dohc northstar v8. Big comfy leather seats, instant throttle response, and sleek lines complemented by dual oval exhaust tips make this a pretty sweet overall ride. You may think "eww Oldsmobile" but this car is like no other Oldsmobile, its a lot like a modern Cadillac or Lexus (plus it doesn't say Oldsmobile anywhere on the car except for the stereo). The best ones are the original 1995-99. 2000 and up Auroras are ugly. They are also very reasonably priced these days for how nice they are.
"Yo, whats that sleek looking car that just blew by me?"
"That's a fucking Aurora baby"
by 9832Vnstarautobahn January 29, 2007
28 22
A girl whose boobs are so big they could crush a village. Those boobs are the reason that the dinosaurs went extinct. They have also been known to suffocate small children. Aurora is a total bitch, and attracts many minions with her leadership skills. She constantly has an 'I don't give a fuck attitude'.
'holy damn man, Aurora's tits are HUGE! her bra could hold watermelons.'
by yaoifangirlness April 13, 2012
4 7