Bitchy vampire
Ex. 1: "Damn, that is one big aurora in there!"
by DemonQueen12 April 28, 2011
A girl whose boobs are so big they could crush a village. Those boobs are the reason that the dinosaurs went extinct. They have also been known to suffocate small children. Aurora is a total bitch, and attracts many minions with her leadership skills. She constantly has an 'I don't give a fuck attitude'.
'holy damn man, Aurora's tits are HUGE! her bra could hold watermelons.'
by yaoifangirlness April 13, 2012
1. 'wow!' (something is amazing)
2. a skin on OGame
3.a colour that is similar to aqua.
1. davE:check out my new jeans
jack:aww! aurora!

2. liutenant:what skin u use on OGame, boss?
boss: Aurora, Lieutenant

3. LIZ:What u paintin ur room?
Rob: Aurora
LIZ: wtf is that mate?
Rob: its a bit like a shade of blue, like aqua!
LIZ: kk
by Joe August 13, 2005

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