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fucking epic person who cant help but rock everyones socks
my sister is an aubrie
by jakefuiten August 27, 2008
190 63
A funny, random, pretty girl who is very shy at first, but a firecracker when you take the lid off. She trys to be a good friend, but she doesnt always succeed at doing so. Shes not the brightest kid in the class but her personality makes up for it. Shes a very picky person when it comes to just about everything. Shes very impatient and indecisive which isnt always easy. She enjoys the beach, camping, traveling, driving, and hanging out with friends.
I'm in love with Aubrie.
by Rosey bear September 04, 2010
162 38
Someone who is lovable, nerdy, and has a creepy stare to confuse people in surrounding cars.

Aubrie also can be found watching people from park benches and airports.

Aubrie tends to be the most beautiful girl in the world. (Sorry Meg Ryan, your name is not Aubrie).
"Dude, I think there is an Aubrie staring at me."
"I think you're right, but dang she is hot."
by photoaddict6 September 24, 2009
132 36
is a REALLY HOT and fun to be with person, she makes an amazing girlfriend, too.
Hey man, what's up?
Nothing really, just staring at Aubrie.
Who's Aubrie? Woah,she's HOT!!
Yeah, did you not hear me say Aubrie?
by ImpendingRiot February 20, 2011
78 18
synonym for someone/something who is insanely awesome
Did you see that movie? It was so aubrie!!!
by jjayce October 18, 2010
81 23
The most amazing girl you will ever meet. She's smart, beautiful, and sexy. She loves disney movies and Harry Potter... she also enjoys winnie the pooh :) Very loving and spontanious! Likes rollin' and looking at the stars...Aubrie is one of a kind and probably the most gorgeous girl you ever laid your eyes on.
Aubrie likes to steal street signs
by rorosoccer June 22, 2011
50 13
the coolest kid on the block, yo.! just all around incredible!!!!!!!!!!!!! the absolute. sickest. person. ever. inaugurated. ever. =)
1.dayyyumm, girl! what's your name?


1.figures... fuckin aubries...ALWAYS so amazing!
by hii'maub December 15, 2010
52 18