The Capitol City of Georgia.

Home to the worst civil engineering in the known world.

Most of the citizens (transplanted yankees) are to terrified of being around black people to actually live in the city, so they live in the suburbs north of town. This is the same scum that clogs the interstates with their luxury import SUV / Crossover / Faggot-Minivans for 3 hours every morning and evening.

Also known as an Island of ignorance. The public education is a joke (The grammar in the other definitions should confirm this).

The citizens are the most pretentious assholes in the world and actually think that this second rate shit-hole is a nice place to live (this might be true if you migrated from an even greater shit-hole like New Jersey or Gary Indiana).

Also, my home town. It was better in the 80s when the murder rate was higher than NYC, at least then we were on top of something.
Atlanta is a shit-hole. I've never seen a people celebrate and worship ignorance like these pricks.

Yeah, still beats living in Detroit.
by Jackofallfades September 28, 2010
Capital city of Georgia. Originally named Terminus because of its strategic location for transportation. It became known as Marthasville named for the daughter of an early mayor. In the 1850's the name of the emerging city was changed to Atlanta. There are conflicting stories on the name--one is that Atlanta was named for the ancient lost city of Atlantis while another story is that it is a shortened name for the railroad connection with the West, Atlantica-Pacifica.

Atlanta was and is a central trade and transportation center. The fall of Atlanta in 1864 was key to the Federal effort to preserve the Union. The psychological boost to the Northern cause as well as the economic impact of the loss of Atlanta to the Confederacy insured the re-election of President Lincoln who had faced a serious challenge to his presidency in the 1864 election due to many Northerners' weariness of war. The city was burned by General Sherman after a forced evacuation of the civilians. The Confederates destroyed their armaments adding to the destruction of the city. Civilians had to live in the woods for months after Sherman's destruction of the city.

After the war, the city rebuilt turning to a modern commercial economy encouraged by the vision of Henry Grady. This more business-oriented approach formed the basis of the "New South." The New South replaced the traditional, Jeffersonian view of Southern culture that focused on tranquility and cooperation with a Hamiltonian view that emphasizes competition and frenetic activity. This ethos has been taken up and intensified by 20th Century political, business, and media leaders in Atlanta. The symbol of Atlanta, the Phoenix, is descriptive of how the native Atlantans of the late 19th Century rebuilt the city after its destruction by the Federal government.

The New South philosophy that worked well to rebuild Atlanta from the ashes that the Federal government left Atlanta in has now morphed into a cut-throat, anti-social "ethic" that Jefferson feared would take hold if the Hamiltonian view became dominant. Atlanta is now characterized by greed and aggressiveness. People there are typically hyper-active, aggressive, and detached. The political, economic climate is solidly pro-growth at all costs.

The only social bond in Atlanta is commercialism. Atlanta is a boomtown with people flooding into the area simply to make money. No one has anything in common. People rarely know their neighbors or care to do so.

There is no common culture to facilitate establishing and maintaining contacts and relationships. There is no effort to preserve culture in Atlanta. If anyone attempts to do so, they are likely to be labeled a racist. Mary Rose, Charlie Rose's former wife and a former anchor woman in Atlanta, has taken the lead to restore and open Martha Mitchell's house to the public. The house of the *Gone with the Wind* author was torched several times by arsonists who were determined to destroy one of the few landmarks not already demolished by developers. The fires were likely politically and racially motivated. "White Columns," the studio for Channel 2 that was built in the Greek-revival style was demolished and replaced by a modern building. People who come to town looking for traditional Southern culture and vestiges of Atlanta's past are discouraged from such interests. Tourists will find nothing like the charm and history of Savannah, Charleston, or New Orleans in Atlanta. Virtually all references to Atlanta's past have been torn down or suppressed by this modern cabal to make Atlanta into a monocultural icon.

Atlanta's business, media, and political leaders seem to suffer from a massive inferiority complex trying to curry favor with the leftist elites in the North. They hate traditional culture and actively seek to destroy it.

The city's native population has been overwhelmed by the influx of non-Georgians into the city and its surrounding suburbs. Native Atlantans are few and far between. The city's population is highly transitive. They are from all over the U.S., and since the 1996 Olympics, from all over the world. Consequently, there is very little indigenous culture in the Atlanta area. If the News Media led by WSB and the *Atlanta Journal* find any remnants of Southern culture, they will cast these traditions in racist terms trying to destroy them. At best, the Media ignores Southern traditions. Atlanta is a rootless, colorless place. It is a city "too busy to hate," but it is also a city "too busy for civility and culture."

The natural environment is beautiful. Atlanta is a city in a forest. Earlier developers who were not as greedy and irresponsible preserved the trees and natural sloping terrain. But socially and architecturally, Atlanta is now a vast wasteland. The buildings are modern and ugly. A few of the newer buildings do have some style compared with the boxy, cubist monstrosities that dominate the skyline. Tom Wolfe famously described the art museum as looking like a chemical factory.

As General Sherman said, "War is hell" when criticized for deliberately targeting civilians in Atlanta for bombardment and death. I would add to that insight that living in Atlanta now is hell.
Tourist arriving in Atlanta: "Where is Gone with the Wind? Where is the Southern history and charm?"

They are gone with the wind.
by Tex in Tex January 22, 2008
The best place to live. There's diversity everywhere,although if you go to a sububan city like one in Gwinnett you can find just as many rich white girls as you can in southern cali except with cute southern accents. You can also find a lot of rednecks but if you call them rednecks they're proud of it so don't bother knockin them cause anyone from the A is tight
We have all the best rappers in atlanta so shut the fuck up!
by atlgirl July 09, 2006
A racially divided city with suburbs that extend from Alabama to South Carolina. All interstates are parking lots. The northside is full of rich kids who go to expensive private schools such as Lovett, Westminster, or Pace. Most are members of a country club and drive a Mercedes or BMW to go shopping at Phipps Plaza or Lenox. The southside is ghetto.
Atlanta itself is divided into three parts:
1. Uptown/ Buckhead: Expensive Shopping, Private Schools, Mansions and Great Nightlife
2. Midtown- Atlantic Station, Fox Theater, Trendy, A lot of homosexuals, Nice Clubs
3. Downtown- Business (CNN, Coca-Cola), Georgia Aquarium, Centennial Park, Turner Field, etc.
Some readnecks are in the suburbs, but they want to be readnecks.
Full of southern baptists who go to church every Sunday and Wednesday.
Everyone in the suburbs is a religious, rich, republican. The kids have their dad's credit card and have their own SUV. Most of the parents have white collar jobs in one of the Fortune 500 companies in Atlanta or work for Delta.
The city of Atlanta is usually run by the prominent African Americans of the city. This makes the city more liberal/Democrat.
The words "pop" and "soda" do not exist....coke rules here.
There are a lot of people moving to Atlanta from the north who have finally figured out that Atlanta is the place to be. The weather is fabulous, and the people are great.
Where do you go in Atlanta: Buckhead, Midtown, or Downtown?
by awb321 July 28, 2006

1. Pretty Sky-line
2. CNN
3. The only drink is coke
4. Only Pro-noun is Ya'all
5. The ATL, The south, The big A
Were you going?

by Ninja Cheeto Master April 05, 2011
The center of the south. Atlanta has some amazing people and lots of diversity. Blacks, mexicans, asians, and whites can all be found in the same general area. Buckhead is the most elite area in atlanta and it is where the majority of the mansions, best shopping, best schools and the most traffic are. There are some amazing malls in atlanta. There's Lenox, Phipps, Cumberland, and Permimeter. There are some of the stores most expensive and most difficult to come across. (Louis Vuitton, Prada, Gucci, Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus)
Person A: Where do you live?
Person B: Ayye man, i live in atlanta.
Person A: Thats the best place to live in the whole world!
by Sexy Girl Anthem December 06, 2010
The capital of Georgia, and one of the largest cities in the south east. Also currently undergoing an urban renewal, where most of the run-down areas are being demolished to make way for low-rise, expensive condominiums.

Sometimes referred to as the "black Hollywood", Atlanta is home to many African American singers and songwriters, athletes, and actors. The city is also home to many up-and-coming celebrities as well. As such, many of its wealthy residents can safely be described as "nouveau riche".

Its climate is very hot and humid during the spring and summer time, and cold and windy during the fall and winter time.

Traffic in this city is an absolute nightmare, almost on par with the traffic in Los Angeles. The "Perimeter" is the main highway system used in Atlanta, circling the entire city.
"What's the best way to get into Atlanta from here?"

"Just take the Perimeter."
by FerrariCarr May 21, 2010

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