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usually seen on the moms and sisters of white kids like bubs and g-rant. they are abnormally large and really fun to play with. no, AAAAAAA cup is not atitays u stupid 2dollaho
hey, katies got some bigass atitays
by Cupid Stunt February 25, 2004
BIGASS BOOBIES. Usually on hot chicks especially bub's mom.
MMMMM... I'd like to sink my teeth into Bub's moms atitays.
by Grizzle February 23, 2004
Large milk glands on a female.
Katie has got some bigass atitays.
by G-rant February 22, 2004
n.(pl.) -fatty ass titays. Most commonly found on chicks that bone niggaroos. Also found on the sisters of G-RaNt.
Katy's got some big as atitays!
Daaaamn! I wanna chilidog Kelly's atitays and then give her the dirty sanchez.
by bubs...daaaaamn February 22, 2004
do i have atitays?
i am a size AAAAA cup
by 2dollaHo February 24, 2004

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