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An action that takes place on a forum or message board to indicate, normally in third person, that the character being controlled by the poster has done an action. These actions are placed in a set of asterisks. If in response to someone's post, that normally means that they are the direct object of that action.

Not to be confused with asterisk expression. Asterisk expressions run along the lines of: *sigh* *cough* or *sneeze* If you were to add an "s" to any of those, it would be an action.
asterisk action
User: Hai guyz, what's going on?
*sits down*
I'm thirsty...
*grabs beer*

Troll: "LOL ur wrong im right"
User: *farts on*

Troll: What's an Atari and how the hell was it the "original" console? Xbox was the original console!
User: *punches face*

Troll: LOL launch missile!
*turns key*
User: *Kirk hand chop*
*kicks balls*
by MegamanTTEX November 18, 2010
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