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Somebody who relentlessly tries to get out of doing anything work related unless it will give them a chance to kiss the boss's ass, or look like a real go-getter.
Until the boss showed up I thought he was in a fucking coma, now look at him. What an assweasel.
by Degs March 14, 2006
A person who loves anal sex and is always trying to have it.
That guy is a such an ass weasel, he makes me sick!
by Coa Coa June 12, 2006
A gerbil for really tuff gays.
He's as tuff as he looks he uses ass-weasels. When Dickie saw the stuffed ass-weasel behind the bar he turned arround and walked out. In the struggled between gay and ass-weasel the ass-weasel has be known to win.
by benthere March 08, 2008
a lying, kniving,generally sneaky person that thinks they are smooth because they appear to be on top of their game.
Man, my boss is such and ass weasel,I can't believe he changed the schedule without telling anyone.
by that'sariot March 12, 2009
Dip shits, human scum, and/or lower form of a human being. Just to name a few.
I look over there and I see a legion of ass weasels! Sheep fondling ass weasels! -Crazy General off of Medieval II: Total War
by †WARLORІ November 07, 2007
A term used to describe a little overly happy weasel inserting him/herself up one's anus.
Cindy is such an ass weasel when it comes to Brad Pitt.
by Carliann May 26, 2007
some one who is ugly and resembles a weasels ass for a face
Wow! Sage's boyfriend is really ugly, he looks like an ass weasel.
by sXeJOSH November 11, 2006
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