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the act of pushing your penis up and down between someone's ass cheeks.
man, that girls ass was so big, i had to asswank it. i barely could move!
by woohooo-yeah! August 18, 2009
4 2
Another term for anal sex. Mostly used by religious people, who believe in no sex before marriage - but feel the urge to have sexual intercourse.
Ay lad that bird gives good 'ass wanks'!
by Kostadino August 27, 2008
14 6
A term used to describe people who are generally 'asses' who tend to make a complete 'wank' out of themself.
tell your bf he's an asswank.
by Nick32 February 08, 2006
7 5
1980 - Insult towards those of an annoying and twattish nature
Valiant is an ass-wank
by Not Rah November 20, 2004
2 4