A combination of ASShole, TRoll, and morON. A sufferer of personality disorders so severe that mere communication is impossible. This person can blunder into error without realizing what they're doing. (moron) Then ask for help to correct that problem without ever intending to take the advice given. (troll) Then become livid when it is pointed out that the problem was his own fault. (asshole) Conversation usually devolves into name-calling and threats in mere seconds.
Asstron: I can't seed this file I downloaded. Help.
Helpdesk: No one can connect to you, read the FAQ.
A: You're wrong. I've set up dozens of PCs.
H: Read this other thing to save your account..
A: You're still wrong. I won't read those. I have a 200 Intellectual Quotient (sic)
H: The solution is in front of you.
A: (enraged) You're no help, so watch me; I'll get you.
by SleepyInTexas August 24, 2009
Top Definition
a complete idiot. a better version of asshole. syn: ass-tron
adj. asstronic
bloggers: i feel so depressed! agh i hate life! i want to be loved! i'm so happy!
connor: jeez asstrons don't go posting your all ur emotions on the web!!
by mmm February 23, 2005
A robotic ass.
holy schizer! would ya look at that asstron.
by Jesus December 12, 2003
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