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Streaks of shit that are left on the rear side of a toilet seat. They are usually left by an unsanitary wanker who doesn't clean up after him/her self. A sanitary individual who would like to use that toilet must then remove the asstracks with a moist towlette or equivalent.
I really had to use the public restroom, but I couldn't clean off the asstracks.
by frankieman June 09, 2005
The stains a butt and upper thigh region leave behind after abandoning its seat. Stains usually consist of sweat and resemble tire tracks. It is rare to spot ass tracks, as the thin layer of sweat normally dries very quickly.
Gabby: "The fuck? Did that girl just piss on that chair?"
Delia: "No. She just left some ass tracks. They'll dry in a second."
by argonaht July 10, 2011
1. This is the line or 'track' of poop left (usually on accident) on the inside of a pair of pants or on anything else one unwittingly sits on without pants too-soon after eating a bad meal.

2. Sometimes it is the term for intentionally leaving a line of smeared shit on a division administrator's desk.

3. Applied to anyone being a douchebag/asshole/meanyhead/player hater.
1. Aw, man, my favorite Chino's are ruined from a huge asstrack.

2. Did you hear how Treuxaun freaked out when she saw that huge asstrack on her desk?

3. Did you see Fred break the tap on the keg? That guy is such an asstrack!
by Lautoro September 23, 2009
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