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A combination of assraped and pwned, implying not only that the victim was pwned, but assraped as well to add to the humiliation. Can be used as a stronger form of pwned, suggesting that the victor was not satisfied merely to pwn but additionally used the victim for his own personal gratification in an anal sex kind of way.
Despite all the prison yard smacktalk, Chris was asspwned by his cellmate Boomer once the lights went out.
by Cunningest Linguist May 07, 2006
Asspwned- to be pwned (owned) in the ass. Also used to refer to large amounts of pwnage or to add humiliation to being pwned.
Noob1: Holy crap dude you just 360 crossmap noscoped me !
L33t sniper: You just got asspwned noob.
by Noobertoober/nubtubber July 29, 2011

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