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A word used to describe anything that is stupid, inappropriate, lacking, or just not necessary. Also can describe someone who is full of themselves.
1. The sluggish way I was running today was assnine...

2. I'm not going to say his name, but D is so assnine that its annoying.
by newguyontheblock August 15, 2008
Noun: A girl who's body is sexy but her face is truley ugly. You would rate her body a nine and her face an ass.
-Shit. That girl's ass and tits are fine but her face is disgusting.

-That would mean she's an Ass-Nine!
by natedawggg March 23, 2008
1. A word commonly used to describe stupid or annoying people and/or the way they act.
1. Seriously, when will D realize how assnine everyone thinks he is?
by oldmaninacircle August 15, 2008