A man who appraises the value of people's asses, can be found working street corners late at night.
I got appraised at an ass monger and my ass is worth a bag of chips!

The local ass monger got arrested last night, now I'll never know how much it's worth...

Why are all the ass mongers here naked?
by Jacob Ritz October 03, 2005
A faggot that does nothing but fuck his boyfriend in the ass;someone who only fingers(or licks) a girls ass;one who mongers in the anal cavity and falls asleep while penatrating.
Lick her clit you assmonger!
by fuckpshitscockp January 13, 2007
Is a person who mongers (climbs headfirst) into ones asshole.
"d00d the nub is a assmonger.. I saw him do it to his grandma!"
by Pedro Gangsta101 August 18, 2006
Got's trademarked word where if you use it he will get pissed at you. Definition: one that loves ass.
Person A: You ass monger!
Got: HEY >:O
by Cortho3 March 23, 2003
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