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The key to proper use is to fully understand the nuanced meaning and connotations intended by its use.

The ejaculate part of the definition represents the idea of building up and explosive release.

The ass part refers to the fact that that the explosive release is some sort of fecal matter.

So, describing an activity as "a bunch of assjaculate" means that emotions have been brewing for a while and finally jismed themselves out.

Engaging in the act of assjaculating is the natural extension of the metaphorical shit-storm that's been brewing in your head all year and then finds its way out.

When one finds oneself assjaculated upon, one has been working on a project for some time and in one fell swoop the powers that be convulsively (and possibly without warning) shit all over you.

The best application of assjaculate is at meetings or professional development workshops/seminars.
Noun: Man, that ice-breaking activity they made us do was a bunch of assjaculate.

Verb: My boss came to our meeting and assjaculated all over our new ideas.
by HoffBKK April 30, 2009
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