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A male that gets carried away whilst indulging in anal sex.
i) Often witnessed on porn sets.
ii) Whilst performing, male will go apeshit and plunge into the unlubricated rectum of a female co-star without remorse.
iii) Behavior ends up causing off-centered penetration and blood loss of the receiving "victim".
Porn star 1: I hated that scene!
Porn star 2: Uhm....there's blood running down your leg sister....
Porn star 1: Yeah I know, that Dean is such a self centered assfrog...
by Bapao March 25, 2008
Yummie edible gelatin gummie candy formed in a reptile shape with a marshmallow coating on one side, which when held to your nose smells like butt.
I smell ass frogs, did you pass gass?
by White 7 May 01, 2003
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