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when you try to take a crap, but it wont come out, and you make odd noises that scare everyone around you.
Billy had an assfail right before his history test. Poor kid.
by van ultima January 30, 2005
when your ass just stops working.
Bob had an assfail right before a very important meeting. Poor Bob.
by van ultima January 27, 2005
One who encompasses the features of being an ass and fails. One who loves to play video games, watch stupid videos on the Web, and sing. Really great at playing with Legos, and loves saying catch phrases such as, "True story," or "BATTLE DAMAGE!" or even, "sh*t is crazzzz'y!"
Caaaarl is a big Ass Fail. He just doesn't know what to do.
by MissInevitable January 28, 2012
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