Angry to the point of no return,usually with the outcome ending in great violence to the one who has given you"a case of the ass" to begin with.
That f#@*ing Sam has got me all assed-up over not paying me my money!
by WORSETHANSATAN September 13, 2003
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Top Definition
Assed up is most commonly used in situations when livid is too weak and fucking enraged is not acceptable language for the company in the room. It makes the elderly giggle for being wrong, yet tepid by today's standards.
Boy, the boss sure is assed up about all of us being the world's most worthless employees.
by Optimous Douche November 26, 2014
Excited to the point of distraction.
Heather got so assed-up in the meeting that she broke a nail.
by Thuggery August 30, 2005

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