For Women-Like Gaydar, but the uncanny ability to find and associate ones self with assholes.
For Men-The instinctive urge to check out the ass of every female visible.
Sarah- I can never find a good man because i have a sensor in my head that when i see a guy who is an asshole i want him....i thin my brain is broken.
Andrew- No, you just have assdar.
Sarah- Whats that.
Andrew- Its like gaydar, just for finding assholes.
Sarah- Wow, why didn't my assdar pick up Jake in the first place. Andrew was right, i should listen to him more.

Andrew- Taylor, why do you always look at girls ass's.
Taylor- dude, I can't help it, i have assdar.
by the-is March 03, 2008
The skill that the best ass kissers or brown nosers have. The ability to look for opportunity to kiss as.
"How did the meeting go?" "It was fine until that kiss ass jumped in and started talking, now we just have more work." "He has such an Assdar
by ProfWS July 27, 2012

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