(n.) A humorous term used to describe an action in which before departing for a destination a person will make a mental checklist of any items needed or wanted on said travel; attained from the action of patting one's back pockets in order validate the items existence.
Bob: Have you done an ass check yet?

John: *pats pockets* keys...check, wallet....check, ass....check!
by Atrium's atrium January 20, 2011
Top Definition
The quick glance taken to scope the goods from behind when someone walks by.
Mike: Will, that guy just caught you doing an asscheck.
Will: He was so cute and smiled when he walked by. I just had to look at his booty.
by Kuch March 20, 2008
When a female hits you with her Glutes; which may cause injury, loss of balance, or pain. Also when cuddling an accelerated motion into the spoon position.
Why so you have to Ass Check me so much.
by kingofthejourney May 13, 2015
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