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3 definitions by Kuch

The quick glance taken to scope the goods from behind when someone walks by.
Mike: Will, that guy just caught you doing an asscheck.
Will: He was so cute and smiled when he walked by. I just had to look at his booty.
by Kuch March 20, 2008
Someone who appears to be a friend while convincing you to buy an Apple Mac. Once you buy a Mac and find out for yourself how unreliable it is, your friend is nowhere to be found.
I used to think Brad was a friend but now that I'm having trouble with my new Mac he is nowhere to be found. I should have known he was just a Macfriend.
by Kuch June 17, 2008
When someone has no original content of their own and simply forwards other people's emails, they can be replaced by a rule in Outlook to automatically forward mail.
Tim: I sent Ben an email asking for some info and he just forwarded me a message from Jan.
Jeff: I've always said Ben could be replaced by an Outlook rule.
by Kuch March 20, 2008