When a female has a wide set vagina it is called a bucket however people have been taking it up the ass for many a moon now and this has resulted in whats known as an Ass Bucket. Ass Bucket is not a medical term but it fucking well should be. Suffers of Ass Buckets commonly get placed into a Urology clinic saying that i "fell" on a pole and it went up my ass. Symptoms include; Incontinence, Never leaving the bathroom, B.O and Brown stains on clothes.
She had an ass bucket because i could fit my whole fist in there without any problems
by Crazy Shit Man 101 October 24, 2010
Top Definition
What happens when you have to much anal. Similar to the popular word bucket for a women.
Seriously you don't want to get inside his assbucket!
by kittykats18 August 25, 2010
general term for a dense, loud, overbearing or generally stupid person.
When Whitney drinks too much whiskey, she acts like a real ass bucket.
by Jim Ally December 17, 2004
The smell vehicle or airline seats emit when they warm-up and the new passenger realizes the cushions have been used as fart filters.
"You look nauseated. Bumpy flight?"
"No, I just happened to have an aisle seat, ass bucket."
by Bobby Whispers April 12, 2010
(obscene) derogatory term for a person who appears stupid or especially irritating or mean, member of the Baucom family of North Carolina
Some assbucket slashed my tires! It was probably Marty!
by flicky flea September 25, 2003
a completely retarded asshole
a bucket. with an ass. for shitting.
by Kant July 13, 2005
a bucket of ass
"his assbucket looked like aaron
by da poopie February 17, 2003
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