A person thatis extemely ass, ghey and mean at the same time. This person should be banished from society because they are worse than lepers.
Matt Lee and Dan Nguyen are such ass-boys.
Dan don't be so ass-boy.
by The Ultimate Ass-Boy January 16, 2003
Top Definition
a boy who is a fucker . he tends to think he da shit , and is . but whaatever, ppl like him alot , and assboys also make friends with sackboys . assboys may also get fucked up there hairy ass for ten dollars a pop .
haneeda: did you see that jerk

kendeesha: hell yeahhh nikka

haneeda: hes a total assboy

by shhhhhh it a fuckn secret November 25, 2009
a boy who goes by the name of corey , can somwtimes be called an assboy , thta gets fucked up the ass for ten dollas a pop
daling the # -beep beep
his mom answers-hello ?
me-oh hi coreys mother , may i please speak to your son ?
his mom-of coures sweeetie
corey answers- SUP ASSBOY ?!

Kendall-hey harley , did you see that kid whoop out his junk and take a piss on that buiilding and leave ?!

harley- hell ya , what a fuckn assboy
by carpetbangingfol, November 08, 2009
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