when your balls look like ass
damn! you got some ass-balls
by the guy that bangs yo mom August 19, 2009
Morbidly obese people with the appearance of two stomachs. One above the beltline and one below (the assballs area). Couple this with a tight pair of pants gives the stunning appearance of having an "ass" where the "balls" should be...Hence, assballs.
Assgina is this very same affliction, only in women.
Created by Skeets
We're going over to assballs house for a barbeque.
Assballs owes me 40 dollars.
by Joe Bert May 07, 2007
An ass ball is a human being cowering in a tight fetal position. Most used in the context of "to curl into an ass ball"
Oh my god, he's coming! Quick, curl into an ass ball for defense!
by The Definitionator July 28, 2005
Noun (ass-ball) - a strategic defensive maneuvuer where the person wraps their arms around their legs and curls oneself into a ball shape with their ass in the air therefore making their ass vunerable to attack while all vital organs are concealed and safe from harm.
bully- "yo RYAN you owe me 10 bucks im gonna KILL you!"
ryans friend- "quick ryan curl into an assball!"
by davekelly September 21, 2006
Tonsil stones or tonsilloliths. Solidified plaque/phlem/muscus balls that deposit themselves in the back of your throat/tonsils/etc. Doesn't seem to remove itself unti it is coughed or hacked up. Smells awful...like ass. Tends to be yellow in color. Also known as "throat nugget"
Dude, I coughed up the biggest ass ball the other day. It was sick.
by katiekarnage April 08, 2007
An exclamation of anger.
by Absolutely Bill's Mood April 08, 2003
What one, who's first language is not English might, in place of the word "asshole" (or something like that), call somebody that they are upset with.
Favic: "assball, and one thing, fuck your ass very hard with sexual Stuff!"
by kuromajikku October 21, 2006

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