A.K.A. Waffles, a Cool guy, well known for his funny antics is popular and irreplaceable. Noone can top this guy, he is t3h l33t!
Awesome, Funny, Cool, Waffles
by Waffles April 17, 2005
Top Definition
A CGShock reg completely devoid of redeeming qualities. Has a creepy obsession with waffles, which he has sex with on a daily basis. Uses syrup in foreplay.
That guy's such an Assaultr22.
by AnonymousShocker April 18, 2005
A term often used in substitute for the word 'loser', 'creep', 'nerd', 'moron', or 'dipshit'.

Considered a derogatory term by most, also occasionally associated with the term waffle.
"that assaultr22 smells like a bad waffle."
by Hale April 18, 2005
The person who thinks he is the king of waffle's.
We tracked his source down to CGshock, which we will find out later.
Any other information will be extracted and told.
Please note that his ISP will receive a warning for letting abuse of the internet go on.

As for more information about this person will come later due that CIA/FBI/NSA are currently tracking him down.
Let's go to a Assaultr22:
-to a king of waffle's
by Raggorak April 18, 2005
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