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1. To scoot ones ass across a surface.

2. The action of a dog scooting its derrier across the floor, potentially leaving a foul smell and sometimes a trace of god only knows.

3. A device used to clean your big Aunt Pearl.

4. An excessively hairy ass that could be re-named Bob Marley

1,2. That dog just ass-mopped my carpet!

3. Go and ass-mop your Aunt Pearl, Jimmy!

4. SUSIE: "So how was last night with that frat hottie?"
DAISY SUE: "Well, I woke up, turned my head and saw the biggest ass-mop of my life!"
SUSIE: "You shoulda busted out those scissors Daisy Sue!"

by TWOW January 20, 2009
One who's extremely annoying and has no social life whatsoever. One who's extremely irritating and talentless and has a reputation for being a thot.
Felicia: Why you gotta be such a bitch sometimes?
Felicity: Why you gotta be a milleniul ass mop?
by americanrain November 24, 2014
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