Behavior characterized by boastful or proud display of one's most loutish, childish, or in your face traits in public. Also, any advertising, television programming, or music intended for consumption by such persons.
I don't wanna go there, that restaurant caters to the ass-up crowd. The movie we saw was totally ass-up. My coworkers were being so ass-up that I just clapped on my headphones and cranked the music.
by Dawnera September 04, 2006
Top Definition
To create a complete mess; establish a state of disorder akin to immersing oneself in a world of unpleasant ass.
Don't do it, man. Adding that coconut milk would seriously ass up the marinara sauce.

OR: The project was moving along smoothly until Jared completely assed everything up.
by speedgoat January 16, 2008
the more vulgar form of shutup now.
bob:didn't you say you'd pay me back today???
ann:no, i sed tomorrow
bob:liz, didnt ann say she'd pay me back today
liz:umm...yea...she said that to me too
bob:i'ma need your broke ass to pay me ass up.

*note-ass up can also be said as ass the hell up to add more emphasis to the fry or burn that just took place or it can be said as ass the fuck up to add EVEN MORE emphasis and make sed fry or burn even more epic...
just have fun with it
by pootytrained February 09, 2009
Tight jeans shorts that dig up in a shorty's ass.
Her booty is looking fly in them ass ups.
by Neno Brown August 16, 2007
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