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a form of foreplay that involves the male or female to stimulate the opposite/same sex's ass whole with fingers/toungu/toys
male "stop being such an ass tease
female "you only WISH i was an ass tease
mother "your fathers such an ass tease"
by Travis October 27, 2004
n. Reserved for gay tops who constantly say "I wanna fuck you" but when you call them on it they back out.
Bottom: I'm gonna try calling Mike again, I need some action.
Friend: When was the last time you saw each other?
Bottom: We hooked up about 3 weeks ago but we speak all the time and want to do it again.
Friend: Leave him alone he's such an asstease.
by FLM-NJ January 02, 2006
Equivalent resentment a homosexual feels just as a straight man feels when turned down from a prospective sexual encounter.
James: Hey John darling...what happened with that cute dude I introduced you to at the party?

John: Forget him! He was an absolute waste of time!

James: Sorry darling...didnt know he was an ass tease
by Autch-money April 16, 2010