the combination of asshole(dumb) and nut head(dumb) which means double dumb. Dumber than the normal dumb.
You assnut, you cant even figure out which way is left!
#ass #asshole #nut #nut head #dumb
by faizudin March 26, 2008
Top Definition
when a guy moons someone and the other person can see his nuts hangin down, so it looks like ass nuts
did you see joey's ass nuts when he mooned us?
#ass #nuts #balls #sack #anus
by ball zack October 07, 2005
An all-purpose term used to refer to a person who is irritating or otherwise. It is more colorful than traditional names, and is generally less offensive, so it is often used teasingly.

Interchangeable with such terms as: dipshit, fuckwad, etc.
Teeny is such an assnut.

I'm not being an assnut. You're just inferior.
by DeifyKenJennings November 16, 2004
The area of the human male that contains the anus, testicles, and everything in between.
I bent over to get my ben and Dave kicked me right in the assnuts
by logan December 21, 2003
a derogatory term used to make fun of someone when u cant think of anything else to say
DAMN IT BOBBY U ASSNUT how did u ace that test
by ydub October 04, 2004
when a man bends over with or without a banana hammock on and you can see his ass n nuts
man why you bending over showing me your ass nuts n shit
#ass #nuts #man #scrotes #balls
by Sonny Black Monster June 30, 2009
Dingleberries/hemmoroids.Anything dangling from the ass region.
My ass nuts are killin' me today.
#hemmoroids #dingleberries #ass hangers #asteriods #butt nuggets
by Tri-State dumb asses January 31, 2008
The testicles that descend from one's anus.
Dan's assunts always get in the way during sex.
by Joseph K. Gunger September 30, 2003
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