Assbutter is an english translation of the word rövsmör and is made by depositing your "man milk" into someone's ass and churning it with your rod. It's mostly used to be as disgusting as possible.
It originated from Northern Sweden.
I made some nasty Assbutter last night with Tim
by Pyromanen December 31, 2012
Top Definition
The substance that accumulates in the crevice between the buttocks. Typically composed of sweat, dead skin cells, environmental soil, and trace amounts of feces, its production is often facilitated by rigorous activity or long intervals without bathing. Known to possess a rather unpleasant odor and foul taste.
I say, how old is this yogurt, mother? It tastes like ass butter.
by Lenny Rowan October 11, 2004
The stuff you find in between your ass cheecks after not showering for days.
There was so much ass butter in the hobo's ass he could ass butter his toast.
by Jameses September 05, 2005
The butter that is created from a hasty wiping and a sweaty hot day.
I am churning up a mess of assbutter.
by Frothywalrus January 18, 2008
That thick white spread you cake onto baby's asses when they have diarrhea. Could be Butt Paste, Desitin, etc... its all Ass Butter.
Wife: Damn it, will you shut that baby up?
Husband: Sure, pass me the Ass Butter... he's due for another spread.
by Noslot July 21, 2009
a light garnish or spread. usually used on bagels or crumpets.
Archibald:"I say old boy, pass me the assbutter!"
Reginald: "Righto you silly clown!"
by Assbutterer August 10, 2003
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