This is how you would describe the WWE Superstar, Edge, after his recent heel turn.
Uggh that Edge is such an ass.
Correction, he IS Ass.
by Jorgey March 05, 2005
N' Titties!
I love Ass n' titties
by Nate@n October 25, 2014
Also known as a donkey; can be used to describe, or name someone's rear end; also can be used to describe how someone acts.
Dam, that girl has a nice ass!
by PANDA <3 October 16, 2014
commonly the place at the rear end of the body... also known to be anal retentive... i.e. someone who shouts profanity as a means of expressing themselves
Mule meat.. } PTSD.. derived from the terrets origin... im not making fun.. just easing the tension here.. this will be a lot easier if you lay back.... and just breathe..
by jadednative24 September 29, 2003
Joke made by Raysel and Guy a few years back.

Now used in the comic pixelz
Guy: God, trunks is such a fag.
Raysel: You can just imagine him popping out of nowhere when a threat comes.
Raysel: <trunks> "ASS?"
by Anonymous July 31, 2003
A vain, self-important, silly, or aggressively stupid person...
He's such an ass, my gosh, you'd think he'd know that wasn't a toilet....
by Sasha July 23, 2003
• a hoofed mammal of the horse family

• a donkey

• an idiot or stupid/foolish person

• a person's buttocks or butt

• oneself
"You are such an ass!" John said.

"Get your ass in here now!" Susan yelled.

I think it is so weird that a donkey is also called an ass.

"Why do you have to be such an ass?" Sandy mumbled.

"Do you mean the mammal or the idiot?" Jenna smirked.
by LilyM99 June 19, 2014

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