Alcohol Sadness Syndrome is a condition where the effects of heavy alcohol consumption causes sadness and depression the following day.
I feel like A.S.S. today because of all the alcohol I consumed last night.
by Amanda Alonso September 27, 2006
This is how you would describe the WWE Superstar, Edge, after his recent heel turn.
Uggh that Edge is such an ass.
Correction, he IS Ass.
by Jorgey March 05, 2005
Justin Bieber
(Person A) Ass. (Person B) Stop naming bad singers!
by theurbandictionarylover April 29, 2015
i place where only the brave and daring go to work, with a high chance of pleasure may come but at the same time run a risk of ether being infected by a deadly virus of no return or be lost forever in the catacombs of Doom
I did my girl friend in the ass but afterword got aids
by Pepperjack January 16, 2015
A cool, German-style way of saying ass. Often used by people if their native language is German.
My girlfriend has a nice aß.
by Dr Devil November 26, 2014
N' Titties!
I love Ass n' titties
by Nate@n October 25, 2014
Also known as a donkey; can be used to describe, or name someone's rear end; also can be used to describe how someone acts.
Dam, that girl has a nice ass!
by PANDA <3 October 16, 2014

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