Justin Bieber
(Person A) Ass. (Person B) Stop naming bad singers!
by theurbandictionarylover April 29, 2015
N' Titties!
I love Ass n' titties
by Nate@n October 25, 2014
person who is very dumb
dumb ass
by ayona December 24, 2010
Used to make any adjective stronger, as to emphasize
Big ass. Smart ass. Stupid ass etc.
by superblah95 October 04, 2010
1. A donkey or mule
2. Stupid person
3. Slang for butt
1. Teacher: And this is an ass. It can carry heavy things around.
The 6-year-olds suddenly start laughing.

2. Stupid person: Hey, I like your bathroom, can I install a TV?
You: What an ass.

3. A really hot girl passes by, and a horny guy grabs her butt and won't let go.
Girl: Let go of my ass, you freak!
by Junkyard Squirrel July 29, 2010
commonly the place at the rear end of the body... also known to be anal retentive... i.e. someone who shouts profanity as a means of expressing themselves
Mule meat.. } PTSD.. derived from the terrets origin... im not making fun.. just easing the tension here.. this will be a lot easier if you lay back.... and just breathe..
by jadednative24 September 29, 2003
A vain, self-important, silly, or aggressively stupid person...
He's such an ass, my gosh, you'd think he'd know that wasn't a toilet....
by Sasha July 23, 2003

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