N' Titties!
I love Ass n' titties
by Nate@n October 25, 2014
A) (NOU.) American slang for one's bottom.

B) (NOU.) A mule or donkey.

C) (ACR.) Acronym meaning "After School Shit". This referrs to the dump you take when you get home from school. Usually after eating something but before homework. For many people, this is the only crap they take during the cycle of weekdays.
A) JOHN: Hey let's go to the party and look at some ass!

JAMES: Oh yeah! Dibs on Tiffany!

B) JOHN: *smirks* Look at that ass.

JAMES: Eww, it's hairy!

C) JOHN: *tweeting* just got home from skool, gonna take an


JAMES: *tweeting* yeah me 2. just did a rly big 1, want a

by iDWiA739 October 12, 2011
awkward side smile.

the a.s.s. is formed when one side of your mouth smiles while the other half remains unmoved. often used when trying to scare people away, because of its extremely awkward appearence. no matter how attractive you are, if used correctly the a.s.s. will transform you into an unworldly awkward specimen.
dude1: "hey man, can i see your a.s.s.?
dude2: "whaatt?"
dude1: "i only meant your awkward side smile. if we're going to this party, you'll need it to avoid talking to ugly ass chicks."
by whore puppy August 10, 2011
ass = mean transport of Transylvanie
I lick ass, she take girl to me in village. Girl lick ass too, she glad have ride ass.
by Mr..Hyde November 04, 2010
1.)A giant measurement of great proportions.
2.)More than two hand-fulls.
1.)There's an ass of people in america
1.1.)McDonalds Employee:So that was a number four, anything else?

Me:Yea, give me an ass of ketchup
by No, im really Brent October 25, 2010
1. A donkey or mule
2. Stupid person
3. Slang for butt
1. Teacher: And this is an ass. It can carry heavy things around.
The 6-year-olds suddenly start laughing.

2. Stupid person: Hey, I like your bathroom, can I install a TV?
You: What an ass.

3. A really hot girl passes by, and a horny guy grabs her butt and won't let go.
Girl: Let go of my ass, you freak!
by Junkyard Squirrel July 29, 2010
-Ass is the suffix you add onto the end of a verb to emphasize the verb itself. It is a commonly used American slang term.
Guy #1: "Hey you wanna come see Twilight with me this weekend?"

Guy #2: "No way, I'm not going to see some corny-ass vampire movie!"

Example 2

Guy #1: "Hey check out that girl over there."

Guy #2: "Damn, that is one fine-ass chick!"
by ImCasey January 08, 2010

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