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one who picks their own ass or anothers, Jessie Jackson sticking his ass picking nose where it don't belong.
stinking with finger stuck in it a rectum is an ass picker
by Zaitsev September 07, 2006
12 4
a person who goes 2 the restroom 2 make peanut butter n does not wipe his or her ass completely, allowing 4 peanut butter dingle berry's 2 form.
when naveed's ass itches he picks at it making him an ass picker
by erik packer November 06, 2007
10 5
Person who picks their ass or someone elses.
by anonymous April 19, 2003
6 4
a very thinly rolled marijuana joint.
"Yo dude... you think you put enough weed in that ass picker you rolled?"
by jokingkong November 04, 2009
4 3