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you must have a hairy ass for this to work. its when you take a huge extremely wet shit and you wipe your ass and shit gets stuck in your ass hair without you knowing and becomes crusty.
"man i found out i had ass crust yesterday when i was picking my crack."
by coorreey August 16, 2006
Hardened pieces of poo clinging lovingly to mangled asshair.
Damn Jose! This asscrust really ruins my day!
by Aaron November 05, 2002
A derogatory term used to describe anyone who pisses you off. Derived from the leftover pieces of shit left in your ass after the umpteenth swipe.

Not to be confused with asshat.
Student A: What'd you get on the science test?
Student B: 64. Mr. Bober's a dick.
Student A: Really? I thought it was easy; I got a 110!
Student B: *glares* You cocky ass crust. Piss off.
by Ninja47 June 11, 2010
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