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one who farts upon others with extreme potency, causing bodily harm to the victim
Dude, you're an ass assassin, steve is knocked out from your last fart.
by atown86 November 24, 2007
A ninja or martial arts trained citizen who usually preforms assasinations on the anus of other men or women for money.
he hired him for an ass assasination
his ass was cut by an ass assasin
jason wheeler is a fagtoast
by Richard October 04, 2003
a flaming homosexual
"ahh look at those ass assassin!! fucking sick"
by dave January 09, 2003
noun. a regular assassin who is specifically focused on the ass or anal vicinity. Perhaps his targets all have abnormally large asses, perhaps he uses with a weapon in that area. Finally, there could be a hint of anal sex involved.
He's so fat no normal assassin will do, only an assassassin can reach the gooey center.
by Simon November 16, 2004
A well-endowed gay man who knows how to thoroughly destroy an anus and get the victim to ask for more.
Porn star Jeff Stryker is a well-documented ass assassin.
by Smarty_Pantz February 28, 2011
A homosexual male who inserts his fingers, penis, or other objects into the anus of another male for sexual pleasure.
Paul is an assassassin because he has anal sex with joe.
Paul is an assassassin because he is a homosexual.
by B. Alexanders October 08, 2005

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